So how crazy would it be if you were in your home, talking to your family, to later find out that your friend was listening in without you knowing?

How would it feel to know that your daughter or son was being spied on because of a flaw in one of the largest communications network on the planet?

How about turning off your location on all of your devices and finding out later that your every move was being tracked without your permission?

Guess what folks?

It is happening, right now, as you read this article and listen to this podcast. Tons of businesses and others are tracking your location. Almost anyone on the internet can find your movements on a minute by minute basis. There is a flaw in one of the largest communications providers on earth. The largest mobile device Operating System maker tracks your every move, even when you tell them not too.

Guess who is responsible?

That's right.

Google and Apple

So listen to this week's podcast to find out whether Google and Apple really do have your back on the privacy front. 

You Might Just Be Surprised.

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